Cattle Transport Audit Form for Animal Welfare and Meat Quality (Updated September 2002)

Plant ____________________ Auditor ____________________ Date ____________________

Contact Person ________________________________________

Audit 5 to 10 trucks during loading and unloading on this form. See guidelines for complete information on how to score each critical control point.

CCPs scored with objective standards Truck Number and ID
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Percentage of cattle that slip or fall
Excellent - 0% slip or fall
Acceptable - 3% slip, 0% fall
Not acceptable 1% fall
Serious problem 2% fall, 15% slip
Percentage of cattle that walk or trot on or off the truck
Excellent 90% walk or trot
Acceptable 75% walk or trot
Not acceptable Less than 75% walk or trot
Serious problem Less than 50% walk or trot
Percentage of cattle that strike objects
Excellent 0% strike objects
Acceptable 1% strike objects
Not acceptable 2% to 5% strike objects
Serious problem More than 5% strike objects
Percentage of cattle prodded with an electric prod
Excellent 0% electric prodded
Acceptable 5% electric prodded
Not acceptable 20% electric prodded
Serious Problem Over 20% electric prodded
Prompt Unloading
Excellent Unloading of truck starts within 15 minutes after arrival
Serious problem Unloading starts more than 60 minutes after arrival
Stocking Density according to guidelines
Overloaded - Fails
Truck Cleanliness
Clean Pass
Dirty - Fail
Truck Maintenance
No problem parts Pass
Broken parts - Fail
Handling of Non-ambulatory animals handled per the guidelines Pass
Conscious Non-ambulatory animal dragged - Fail
Pass/Fail Evaluations

Walk Through Evaluations and Notes
Condition of Chutes, ramps, fences, gates and floors - Any slippery spots should be noted so they can be repaired. Note items that need repair and the presence of sharp edges:

Cattle Handling Note any problems such as yelling and noise and also note good practices which can be shared with other drivers.

Vehicle Condition - Note location of broken parts or other problems

Cold Stress Note any problems such as ice storm or dead cattle

Heat Stress Note panting cattle or dead cattle

Acts of Abuse Acts of abuse will not be tolerated. A driver or handler fails if he/she is observed beating cattle or sticking any object into sensitive parts of the animal such as the eyes, nose, mouth or rectum. The audit will also be failed if people inflict injuries such as breaking a tail to make an animal move.


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