Basic Curve Design for Cattle Handling, Cattle Yards, and Corral Designs

View of a curved corral system for handling cattle on a ranch.

Cattle stockyard with diagonal pens for lairage. Diagonal or herringbone pens eliminate sharp corners and facilitate cattle movement toward the central drive alley. All cattle traffic through the ard is oneway. The cattle enter through one end of the pen and leave through the other end.

Aerial view of round crowd pen. Curved chutes, races, and round crowd pens work best for handling cattle because they take advantage of the animal's natural tendency to go back to where they came from.

Cattle Handling Systems

Wide curved lane leading to the round crowd pen.
This facilitates movement of the cattle into the round crowd pen.

Round crowd pen leading to the curved race. Cattle walk calmly up the race and the handlers only use plastic ribbons. This pen works best if it is filled half full and the crowd gate is not pushed up tight against the cattle.

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