Pig race design

For well designed pig races, the double chute is recommended. However, if space restriction is an issue, notice that the following diagram without the entire double chute does promote pigs natural following behavior and prevents jamming with an offset step at the entrance of the chute. With the double chute design, the outer walls are solid, with a "see through" middle partition that further promotes following behaviour.

Pigs will remain calmer in a single file race if they can walk through it without the top hold down bars touching their backs. There should be a minimum of 2cm of space between the bottom surface of the hold down and the top of the back of the largest pig. Pigs will enter a conveyor restrainer more easily if the hold down does NOT touch their backs. The width of the race should have only 2 cm of space on each side of the largest pig. If a race is too wide, pigs will jam in it.

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