CAD Drawings of Cattle Corral Designs for Ranchers, Feedlots, and Meat Plants

Why does a curved chute and round crowd pen work better than a straight one?

  1. As the animals go around the curve, they think they are going back to where they came from.
  2. The animals can not see people and other moving objects at the end of the chute.
  3. It takes advantage of the natural circling behaviour of cattle and sheep.


  1. Basic Cattle Layout: Curved systems work more efficiently. This design can be used on ranches, properties, feedlots and slaughter plants.

  2. Basic Ranch and Feedlot, Shipping and Sorting Pens Layout: Diagonal pens are more efficient because they eliminate sharp corners. Cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals flow more easily through this type of system.

  3. Basic Forcing Pen Plan: This design is recommended for ranches and feedlots, it features a truck loading ramp and single file chute which work from a round forcing pen.

  4. Ranch Sorting Pen Layout: This system can be used to sort individual animals into different groups. It is recommended for ranches and other operations where cattle or other animals are sorted by weight, body condition, breed etc.This is ideal for use with electronic tagging and identification systems.

  5. Cattle Handling System for a Feedlot

  6. Cattle Handling System for a Feedlot: With pre-fabricated chute and round forcing pen.

  7. Economy Corral Layout: This is a simple, economical layout that incorporates many of the features of the larger, more expensive designs. It features a two way sort in front of the squeeze chute and cattle can be soprted three ways out of the curved central alley.

  8. Meat Plant Restricted Space Serpentine Handling System

  9. Restricted Space Layout for Ranches and Feedlots

  10. Corral for 150 Cow and Calf Pairs

  11. Basic 3-Way Gate System for Cattle Yards and Corrals: This system eliminates sharp corners where two alleys intersect.

  12. Basic Forcing Pen Plan

  13. Half Circle Crowd Pen: With straight staging area for cattle in feedlots or slaughter plants.

  14. Half Circle Crowd Pen: With straight staging area for cattle in feedlots or slaughter plants. It can be used with or without the sort gate at the chute (race) entrance.

Unless Otherwise Specified: All Dimensions are in Feet and Inches with (Millimeters) in brackets.

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