Thinking In Pictures

Autism is a neurological disorder that the child is born with.
Research by Dr. Margaret Bauman has shown that children with autism have immature development in certain parts of the brain. It is caused by abnormal development and growth of brain regions involved with emotion and the processing of sensory input from the eys, nose and skin. Symptoms of autism usually become evident at age two or three. Some of the most common sysmptoms are:

In my book Thinking In Pictures I describe my own experiences with autism and review the latest research. It is very important to enroll children with autism in a good educational program when the sysmptoms first occur.

Table Of Contents:


  1. Thinking in Pictures
  2. The Great Continuum
  3. The Squeeze Machine
  4. Learning Empathy
  5. The Ways of the World
  6. Believer in Biochemistry
  7. Dating Data
  8. A Cow's Eye View
  9. Artists and Accountants
  10. Einstein's Second Cousin
  11. Stairway to Heaven



Schematic drawings of the squeeze machine apparatus that is described in Temple Grandin's book "Thinking In Pictures"

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For more information on autism.

In the United States - telephone 1-800-3-AUTISM (or 301-657-0881)