Livestock Handling and Transport, 3rd Edition

Edited by:
Temple Grandin, Department of Animal Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

ISBN # 9781845932190

Published by CABI International


Researchers in animal science, welfare, verterinary science, and animal behaviour; and those involved in animal transportation and handling welfare. Veterinarians, livestock producers, and regulatory bodies will find a wealth of information in this book.


Handling and transport present some of the most severe stresses that farmed animals are likely to experience. A completely revised introductory chapter covers the animal welfare auditing programs of large corporate meat buyers and the development of worldwide standards. All aspects are covered including handling for veterinary and husbandry procedures, restraint methods, transport systems, and design of facilities on fram and at slaughter plants. This book covers both research and practical information on handling of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, and poultry.

Reviews of the first edition

"...a must for the libraries of research institutes and teaching establishments." Livestock Production Science

"This book is a must for every library of veterinary medicine, animal science, and animal behaviour." American Veterinary Medical Association

"For anyone involved in the animal transportation industry this is an essential reference work." Animal Transportation Association

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Effect of Customer Requirements, International Standards, and Marketing Structure on the Handling and Transport of Livestock and Poultry, T Grandin
  2. General Principles of Stress and Well-being, P.B. Siegel and W.B. Gross
  3. Causes of Poor Welfare and Welfare Assessment during Handling and Transport, D.M. Broom
  4. Behavioural Principles of Handling Cattle and Other Grazing Animals under Extensive Conditions, T. Grandin
  5. Low-stress Restraint, Handling and Weaning of Cattle, J.X. Stookey and J.X. Watts
  6. Handling Cattle Raised In Close Association with People, R. Ewbank and M. Parker
  7. Handling Facilities and Restraint of Range Cattle, T. Grandin
  8. Dairy Cattle Behaviour, Facilities, Handling, Transport, Automation, and Well-being, J. L. Albright and W.K. Fulwider
  9. Cattle Transport, T. Grandin and C. Gallo
  10. Behavioural Principles of Sheep Handling, G.D. Hutson
  11. Design of Sheep Yards and Shearing Sheds, A. Barber and R.B. Freeman
  12. Sheep Transport, M.S. Cockram
  13. Dogs for Herding and Guarding Livestock, L. Coppinger and R. Coppinger
  14. Behavioural Principles of Pig Handling, P.H. Hemsworth
  15. Transport of Pigs, E. Lambooij
  16. Handling and Transport of Horses, K.A. Houpt
  17. Deer Handling and Transport, L.R. Matthews
  18. Poultry Handling and Transport, C.A. Weeks
  19. Stress Physiology of Animals During Transport, T.G. Knowles and P.D. Warriss
  20. Handling and Welfare of Livestock in Slaughter Plants, T. Grandin
  21. Biosecurity for Animal Health and Food Safety, K.E. Belk, J.A. Scanga and T. Grandin

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