Developing Talents - Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

Temple Grandin and Kate Duffy

Foreword by Tony Attwood

ISBN# 1-931282-56-0

Many creative people are on the high functioning autism/Asperger continuum. Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Carl Sagan were all mildly autistic. This book will help smart people who are socially awkward to develop their talents and get into satisfying careers. In my previous book Thinking in Pictures, I describe how I think in pictures and how I started my career in cattle facility design. Developing Talents provides many practical tips for developing skills that can be turned into a career and finding mentors who can help a young person enter an interesting field such as computers, engineering, designing, or journalism. Like me, many people on the high functioning autism/Asperger continuum have uneven skills. They may be good at drawing and poor in algebra or good with numbers and have poor drawing skills. Often their skills in their talent area are way above average.

by Temple Grandin
Colorado State University

Back Cover Commentary

"This book will be very useful to individuals with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism, and especially valuable to parents and others who aspire to be 'helpers.' Written with clarity and directness, Temple's illustrations from her own youthful experiences are convincing and will inspire hope and impart practical guidance. The book covers all aspects of the search for suitable careers for individuals on the autism spectrum. This is a unique an very important book."
- Lorna Jean King, OTR, founder, The Children's Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies

"A book with hard-hitting, concrete help for adolescents and young adults preparing for the adult world of work. This book is of equal value to individuals on the autism spectrum, their parents, educators, and career guidance professionals. No Pollyanna about how easy things are, Temple Grandin humanizes this challenging part of young adults' world by her own stories and sage advice. Of special importance is the emphasis upon developing social and communication skills. Chock-full of practical how-to's and step-by-step instructions for making it throught the maze of choosing a career, this book is a must-read, must-do for young adults and their transition partners from all walks of life."

- Roger N. Meyer, author, Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook

"This is Temple Grandin's most practical and generous work yet. She offers so very much of herself and her real life experiences. Kate Duffy's compassion, empathy, and positive attitude pervade the very fiber of this book. The guidelines and suggestions are clear, creative, and useful in real-life application. The many specific examples of real people with AS in their careers are invaluable, especially to the AS population. While the book was written for people with AS, it is an essential work for anyone who cares for, teaches, employes, or works with someone on the spectrum. It will go to the top of my recommended reading list!"

- Sue Moreno, founder and president, Maap Services Inc.

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