Schematic Detail of Squeeze Machine

This apparatus should only be used under the supervision of an occupational therapist.

DO NOT modify or change the specifications without consulting Temple Grandin.

Air System Specifications: Use parts with 1/4th inch (7mm) ports and 1/4th inch (7mm) settings. All hoses 1/4th inch (7mm) Imperial Eastman poly flo tubing (44-P 1/4 or equiv)

Control Valve: Spring loaded side panels MUST open up and release the squeeze when the user of the machine lets go of the handle. Use Airmite Devices' V4203 spring return 4 way hand ball valve. Airmite Devices Inc., 4739 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, (312)286-3393

Cylinder: Airmite Dar-20 2 inch stroke 8 inch bore, rodclevis and two foot mounts

Flow Control: Standard Industrial 1/4th inch (7mm) brass housing with a knob which can be turned by hand. DON"T put flow controls on valve exhausts - Install as shown.

Regulators: 1/4th inch (7mm) ports. Self relieving type optimum pressure operating range - 5 to 130 PSI (pounds per square inch)

Safety Valve: Set at 75 PSI (pounds per square inch). MUST BE TAMPER PROOF