Research Articles on Humane Slaughter

How to Work with Large Meat Buyers to Improve Livestock Welfare

On farm conditions that can compromise animal welfare that can be monitored at the slaughter plant

Animal welfare and society concerns: Finding the missing link

Making slaughterhouses more humane for cattle, pigs, and sheep

Developing measures to audit welfare of cattle and pigs at slaughter

Auditing animal welfare and making practical improvements in beef-, pork- and sheep-slaughter plants

Auditing animal welfare and making practical improvements in beef, pork, and sheep slaughter plants

Head-only followed by cardiac arrest electrical stunning iS an effective alternative to head-only electrical stunning in pigs

Auditing animal welfare at slaughter plants

Effect of water and feed withdrawal and health status on blood and serum components, body weight loss, and meat and carcass characteristics of Holstein slaughter cows

Progress and Challenges in Animal Handling and Slaughter in the U.S.

Special Report: Maintenance of good animal welfare standards in beef slaughter plants by use of auditing programs

The Welfare of Pigs During Transport and Slaughter

Restaurant audits have maintained high standards of stunning and handling at beef slaughter plants

Transferring results of behavioral research to industry to improve animal welfare on the farm ranch and in the slaughter plant

Return-to-sensibility problems after penetrating captive bolt stunning of cattle in commercial beef slaughter plants

Solving return-to-sensibility problems after electrical stunning in commercial pork slaughter plants

Commentary: Behavior of Slaughter Plant and Auction Employees toward the Animals

Animal Welfare and Humane Slaughter

The feasibility of using vocalization scoring as an indicator of poor welfare during cattle slaughter

Objective Scoring of Animal Handling and Stunning Practices at Slaughter Plants

Euthanasia and the slaughter of livestock

Animal Welfare in Slaughter Plants

Factors that Impede Animal Movement at Slaughter Plants

Religious Slaughter and Animal Welfare: A Discussion For Meat Scientists

Welfare of Cattle during Slaughter and the Prevention of Non-Ambulatory Cattle

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