Research Articles on Pigs

Temple Grandin: Complete open access doctoral dissertation on environmental enrichment for pigs

Transport Fitness of Cull Sows and Boars: A Comparison of Different Guidelines on Fitness for Transport

The effects of pre-slaughter pig management from the farm to the processing plant on pork quality

Use of exsanguination blood lactate to assess the quality of pre-slaughter pig handling.

The relationship between exsanguination blood lactate concentration and carcass quality in slaughter pigs

The Relationship Between Exsanguination Lactate and Pork Quality

Effect of distance moved during loading, lairage time, and distance moved to stun on blood lactate concentration of pigs in a commercial slaughter plant

The effects of farm-to-slaughter plant pig management on pork quality

Effect of rearing environment and environmental enrichment on the behavior and neural development of young pigs.

Minimizing Stress in Pig Handling in the Research Lab.

Handling Pigs for Optimum Performance

Cardiac arrest stunning of livestock and poultry

Effect of genetics on handling and CO2 stunning of pigs

Boar presence reduces fighting in mixed slaughter-weight pigs

Methods to reduce PSE and bloodsplash

Environmental Enrichment for Confinement Hogs

Toys, mingling and driving reduce excitability in pigs

Richness of pig's environment affects handling in chute

Effects of rearing environment on the behaviour of young pigs

Review: Reducing handling stress improves both productivity and welfare

Thinking the Way Animals Do

Behavioral Genetics and Animal Science

Teaching Principles of Behaviour and Equipment Design For Handling Livestock

Solving Livestock Handling Problems

Feedlot Cattle with Calm Temperaments Have Higher Average Daily Gains Than Cattle with Excitable Temperaments

Electroanaesthesia or electroimmobilisation of calves, sheep and pigs by the Feenix Stockstill

Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport

Using Aversion Learning Techniques to Assess the Mental State, Suffering, and Welfare of Farm Animals

Factors that Impede Animal Movement at Slaughter Plants

Design of loading facilities and holding pens

Restraint of Livestock

Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling

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