The rules of Shechita for performing a proper cut during kosher slaughter

Rabbi Chanoch Kesselman from the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in London has provided an accurate english translation for the rules of shechita. Following these rules will improve welfare during slaughter and reduce the animal's reaction.

There are five rules that Jewish law requires for a correct cut. I have observed that if the rules are disobeyed the animal will struggle. If these rules are obeyed the animal has little reaction. The five rules are (Code of Jewish Law Y.D. 23):

The shochet also has to check the blade before and after each animal is slaughtered to make sure it is perfectly smooth and has no nicks. A nick will cause pain. If the blade is not perfect it is forbidden to use it. It must be re-honed or replaced.

The transection must be examined by the shochet immediately after the incision to ascertain that is was done according to the requirements of shechita.

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