Lowering Stress to Improve Meat Quality and Animal Welfare

Gentle handling in well-designed facilities will minimize stress levels, improve efficiency and maintain good meat quality. Rough handling or poorly designed equipment is detrimental to both animal welfare and meat quality. Progressive slaughter plant managers recognize the importance of good handling practices. Constant management supervision is required to maintain high humane standards.

Every extra handling procedure causes increased stress and bruising. Elimination of unnecessary procedures at the slaughter plant will also reduce stress.

Reducing Fatigue and Non-Ambulatory Pigs in Slaughter Plants to Improve Welfare

Electric Prodding or Jamming of Pigs During Pre-Slaughter Handling Increases Stress and Raises Lactate Levels

Preventing Pale Soft Exudative Pork (PSE) in Pigs

Preventing Dark Cutters (DFD) in Cattle

Stressful Pre-Slaughter Handling

Guidelines for Livestock Holding Facilities

Factors Contributing to the Incidence of Dark Cutting Beef

Solving Handling Problems that Cause PSE and Dark Cutters

Review of the Effects of Pre-Slaughter Handling and Stunning on Meat Quality

There have been numerous research studies on stunning methods, but until recently, stress and discomfort during a lairage and movement of the animals to the stunning point was neglected. How to reduce slaughter stress on:




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