Research Articles on Animal Behavior, Welfare, and Reducing Stress

This section of covers a wide variety of subjects. In the cattle section there are papers on behavioral principles of handling cattle, corral design, effects of cattle temperament on weight gain prevention of dark cutters, genetic effects on behavior measuring pain, reducing bruises and stockmanship effects on improved milk production. There are also several pages on hair whorls, temperament, and bull fertility. The horse section contains information on animal thinking and cognition, horse transport, welfare and the dangers of selecting horses and other animals for single traits. In the pig section there is information on low stress handling, prevention of PSE (pale soft exudative) pork, effects of environmental enrichment on pig behavior and trucking. Training and conditioning bison and antelope to cooperate with handling and veterinary procedures is covered in exotic animals section. Another area that is covered is dog temperament and stress. In the section on humane slaughter there is information on captive bolt stunning, electric stunning, CO2 stunning, design of restraint devices for holding animals, vocalization scoring, welfare, meat quality and auditing slaughter plants. This section also contains an article on transferring behavior based technology to improve animal welfare. The sheep section has articles on choice testing and the aversive detrimental effects of electroimmobilization.

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